Affordable Housing Preservation

Integra Housing Group is a national, Faith-based & mission-driven affordable housing organization committed to the preservation and advocacy of quality affordable housing communities for our nation’s most vulnerable seniors and low income families. Integra has deployed over $300MM of equity towards the successfully preservation and redevelopment of affordable housing projects across 15 states, directly improving the quality of life and safety in over 5,000 units of affordable family and senior communities. We pride ourselves on the close & successful partnerships we’ve built with nonprofit sponsors across the country, helping preserve their vision and affordable housing missions in perpetuity, delivering effective solutions which result in the continuity of their affordable housing mission and reflect all the effort they’ve expended for many years, preserving it, and improving the project’s viability, safety & quality of living enjoyed by our residents, with beautiful communities they are proud to call home.

We’ve built a successful track record of consistently delivering tailor-made solutions that allow our housing partners to often expand their own mission statement & development capacity or the formation of a charitable foundation that continue to support and promote senior/family services, with the peace of mind they deserve of our ironclad commitment to the project’s continued affordable preservation, continued robust suite of resident services, and uncompromising standards of service and care that we are committed to providing to all our residents in each of our communities, with the living standards, respect and dignity they deserve, guided by shared values and our commitment to the continuity of its founding mission in perpetuity.


Mission Statement & Core Values

Our core mission guiding every member of our team every day, is to always serve our senior residents with the respect and dignity they deserve, and to provide “housing with a heart”. We are committed to expanding our footprint of safe and attractive communities, making a real difference in communities across the country by serving the housing needs of our neighbors who need and benefit greatly from advocacy groups and housing providers of choice, such as IHG; it is our passion and what we do best. We will ceaselessly strive to have our residents state they are proud to say they live in an Integra community.

“I love living at Maple Lawn Apartments  – the staff is always friendly and helpful.”


Quality of Life is our #1 Priority

We constantly strive to improve the well-being and quality of life enjoyed by our residents, transform neighborhoods, and enhance lives.


Core Values

“Our deepest appreciation to the principals of Integra Housing Group. You deserve all the recognition that you get for a very personal, warm and caring staff. Your commitment to well-being has been excellent and you guys truly provide housing with heart!”


“Integra Housing has an excellent track record of preserving quality rental housing and keeping it affordable for the residents without ever sacrificing on it’s quality and safety .”